Burning Coast

Prologue: Arrival in Waterdeep

Ragnar Brockson sails into Waterdeep on a small trading vessel from the North, stopping off in Waterdeep on its way to the Moonshae Isles.

Korhil takes an easy break-and-take job from a cloaked figure in a seedy bar.

Evlyth Rumreeath takes up lodging on the roof of The Sailor’s Corner.

The Shining Sea and Calimshan

Ragnar and Korhil set sail to Calimshan, seeking the missing Eye of the Sea.

The officers of the Shadowblack agree to a pay hierarchy and assign their first target, a mining settlement along the Sword Coast. The intended score is a load of cheap gems and slag, which the crew wants to use to defraud a Calimport trader.

The raid of the mining town goes fairly well, with few casualties. However, Ragnar and Korhil discover a dangerous secret deep in the mine. The pair barely escape with their lives, and the wounded Korhil finds a shoulder to lean on in Princess Sarah.

Sir John does not find the relationship between Korhil and the Princess appropriate, seeing as she is betrothed to another man. Sir John confers with Ragnar to find out Korhil’s true intentions. Ragnar does not understand the bindings of courtly honor tying Sir John’s hands, but nonetheless, he passes the message along to Korhil. If Korhil is making a cuckold of Princess Sarah’s betrothed, Sir John will challenge him to a duel of honor. Korhil admits to the affair, and he and Sir John agree to a ten day preparation, with the duel to commence on the day of their arrival in Calimport.

Korhil names Ragnar as his second, with Sir John naming Morann the Aventi as his. The duel is fairly evenly matched, but Korhil manages to tip the scales in his favor with his hidden wrist blade. Sir John is defeated and Captain Vicaste banishes him and his second from the Shadowblack.

The Lumber Camp

After investigating the Red Wizard enclave, K’Naan, Elmore, Arze, Evlyth and Dründ head to the Mrays Trading Consortium Lumber Mill in the Ardeep Forest to regroup.

The camp is in shambles, exactly how Dründ left it. The Ardeep is making quick work of the once profitable lumber mill, but the main office and bunkhouse still stand. Arze, Dründ, and Evlyth heal their wounds and investigate the spoils of the skirmish with the Red Wizards.

In the documents, among typical trading inventories and schedules, Dründ finds a written version of the Godslayer prophesy and a Dragon Contract, both written on gilded parchment. The contract describes an exchange between the Red Wizards and a red dragon named Zissaphex: gold for raw, magical gemstones from the northern parts of Faerûn.

It occurs to the heroes that they thwarted an attempted theft of a large shipment of magical gems from the north not a few days prior, and decide to return to Waterdeep to inspect their goods.

Upon returning to Waterdeep, they discover that the city is under temporary martial law, due to a recent rash of violent crime. Dründ invokes his father’s name to gain access to the city and the five travel to the warehouse where the goods are stashed.

At the warehouse, they discover to men breaking into the building. In a panic, Arze and Dründ attempt to break into the warehouse right after them. After some struggle with the door, the heroes enter the space to find their gems right where they left them, and the only person with them is Kaime.

Kaime tells them that they have found everything that Vecna has sent them back for and they should prepare to return to their own time. Kaime’s cryptic way of speaking frustrates Arze and he snaps. He starts screaming at her that they don’t know what they are looking for so how could they already have it, and starts grabbing gems from the crates at random.

“Is this what we are looking for? How ’bout this?” he screams as he throws stone after stone at Kaime’s feet. In his frustration, he knocks over a crate of black stones, and they spill all over the floor. The raw stones skitter across the floor, but Evlyth spies one stone that is different from the rest. Among the jagged and crooked stones, one stone stands out. Smooth and polished, black as coal, and burning with an deep, internal fire. Evlyth instantly recognizes the Heart of the Sky and holds it close.

Kaime tells them that all they need do now is find a safe place for the Heart and prepare for the trip home. Evlyth wants to return it to her aerie immediately, but Elmore points out that if the Heart is returned to the her tribe now, it might prevent Evlyth from being sent after it in the first place, as she won’t be sent on her Walk for several years yet.

Elmore suggests that Arze join the sorcerer’s guild and stash the Heart in the vault, where they should be able to collect it when they return to their time. With a warning from Kaime that if they dawdle now that their journey is complete, they may find themselves lost, the heroes hurry to the guild hall.

Arze pays four years worth of dues upfront, and Arin-Tor gives him a key to his own personal vault in the basement of the hall. Evlyth reluctantly parts with the ancient stone and Arze locks his vault.

With the Heart secure, the heroes bid farewell to K’Naan, and leave him with a few instructions for the future. He thanks them for granting him his freedom and prays that they will meet again.

Evlyth, Arze and Dründ find their way to the Temple of Vecna, and step once more into the waters of time itself…


After the duel aboard the Shadowblack, Ragnar and Korhil must find the missing Eye of the Sea and thwart The Cloak’s devious plan, once and for all.

On a tip from a local gondola pilot, Ragnar and Korhil head to the “northern bazaar” to meet a gem trader named Faris al-Farik. The journey to the northern bazaar proves frustrating, as the locals harass and harangue the two weary travellers.

After a long walk and a lot of trouble, the boys find themselves at the northern bazaar. Faris al-Farik is a heavyset Calishite, smoking a hookah and relaxing on a pillow in his tent. Ragnar and Korhil trade a bag of fine rubies for a special map, which shows the locations of the the Keepers of the Eyes.

A cursory examination of the map shows only two Keepers. Korhil surmises that until the third Eye is given to its new Keeper, only Ragnar and Ordeth will appear on the map. The pair begins the long trek back to the ship, but they are not alone…

Passing through a large open air market, Korhil picks up a cloaked figure tailing them. They turn to confront the mysterious stranger, but he takes flight. Korhil and Ragnar have no choice but to give chase. The stranger has command of shadow magic, and calls Shades to slow down our heroes. Ragnar and Korhil make their best efforts to keep up, but between dealing with Shades and the stranger indiscriminately killing innocent bystanders, they lose him in an abandoned warehouse.

Once inside, Korhil and Ragnar don’t give up hope. They know that the stranger must be hiding somewhere, so they turn the warehouse inside out. A well in the center of the room proves to be a hidden passage, and they descend into the sewers of Calimport.

The tunnel they find heads straight down into a large antechamber with an altar. They sneak up to the room and spot a strange sight. The stranger kneels at the altar, while a large humanoid creature made of water whispers a prayer over him.

“And all the blessings and curses of the waves shall rest on the shoulders of you and your brothers. Rise and see what the waters hold, Keeper.”

The map in Ragnar’s pocket flashes a bright light, and the stranger turns to sight of it.

“Brother, I thought you’d never come.” spat The Cloak, “I’ve missed family so much.”

Ragnar and Korhil fight valiantly against The Cloak and the water spirit, but the spirit quickly floods the chamber. Korhil is forced to abandon Ragnar, and escape to the street surface. On the surface, Korhil sees the crew being harassed by the port authority. It seems the fake jewelery scam that Captain Vicaste used to gain access to the harbor has been discovered, and they are being ejected from the city.

Reunited with Princess Sarah, Korhil explains that Ragnar has fallen into The Cloak’s hands, and they must rescue his friend. Capt. Vicaste and the Ordeth explain to Korhil that if The Cloak has two of the Eyes, he will no doubt make his way to Mount Waterdeep, forcing the hand of the remaining Keeper and whomever may have the Heart of the Sky.

Feeling uneasy without the powerful Ragnar Brockson on board, the Shadowblack sets sail for Waterdeep…


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