Amoral, roguish adventurer with a lust for gold, glory, and women.


Korhil is a 220 year old wood elf from the forests of Ulthuan, an island in the the southern regions. He is rather tall for his race, which is to say medium sized. He is attractive, lean and agile. He has long blonde hair and almost always dons a mottled green, black and gray cloak of his home island.

He fights at range with a short bow. He is a quick and capable fighter in hand to hand, often times using daggers or his recently acquired leaf blade.

He tends to favor adventure but is always looking for glory where he can find it. Troubles in his past have certainly lead to him to follow his own moral compass, which sometimes goes against that of the laws.

In his 220 years, he has only really loved one woman and has been looking for love ever since.



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