Burning Coast

The Shining Sea and Calimshan

Ragnar and Korhil set sail to Calimshan, seeking the missing Eye of the Sea.

The officers of the Shadowblack agree to a pay hierarchy and assign their first target, a mining settlement along the Sword Coast. The intended score is a load of cheap gems and slag, which the crew wants to use to defraud a Calimport trader.

The raid of the mining town goes fairly well, with few casualties. However, Ragnar and Korhil discover a dangerous secret deep in the mine. The pair barely escape with their lives, and the wounded Korhil finds a shoulder to lean on in Princess Sarah.

Sir John does not find the relationship between Korhil and the Princess appropriate, seeing as she is betrothed to another man. Sir John confers with Ragnar to find out Korhil’s true intentions. Ragnar does not understand the bindings of courtly honor tying Sir John’s hands, but nonetheless, he passes the message along to Korhil. If Korhil is making a cuckold of Princess Sarah’s betrothed, Sir John will challenge him to a duel of honor. Korhil admits to the affair, and he and Sir John agree to a ten day preparation, with the duel to commence on the day of their arrival in Calimport.

Korhil names Ragnar as his second, with Sir John naming Morann the Aventi as his. The duel is fairly evenly matched, but Korhil manages to tip the scales in his favor with his hidden wrist blade. Sir John is defeated and Captain Vicaste banishes him and his second from the Shadowblack.



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